Riggs Eckelberry, Founder and CEO of OriginClear Inc.

The Upreneur podcast has partnered up with SCORE, hosted by Jeremy Straub, to help bring engaging conversations with today’s top leaders and business owners. In today’s episode, we spoke with Riggs Eckelberry, founder and CEO of OriginClear Inc., to discuss how you shouldn’t compete with your natural partners, how Riggs went from being a #2 to CEO, and how finding the right people can turn your dreams into a reality. 

Riggs Eckelberry, founder and CEO of OriginClear Inc. (OTC Pink: OCLN) and a pioneer in the battle against our global water crisis. The idea for OriginClear, a Florida-based company with manufacturing in Texas, came to light when Eckelberry discovered that the method his company invented for removing algae was also useful for extracting waste from water. The pivot became OriginClear as we know it today, on a mission to help businesses seamlessly take over their own water treatment. He is media-friendly climate and water crisis expert and has recently been featured on NewsMaxNewsyNewsweek, and Popular Science.


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