In partnership with SCORE of Broward County

UPRENEUR is a podcast series, in partnership with SCORE of Broward County, exploring diverse entrepreneurial ventures with insider tips and tricks to use for your own journey. Each week, UPRENEUR hosts Jeremy Straub and Fahad Razi interview leading CEOs and entrepreneurs, from South Florida and beyond.

Jeremy Straub is passionate about entrepreneurship, finances, and creating a life fit to leave a lasting legacy. He’s devoted his passions to fueling his purpose of inspiring others to understand and implement financial and business strategies into their life daily.

Jeremy is considered a thought leader in the financial industry, and brings his energy and passion everywhere he goes. It was his strong entrepreneurial spirit that gave him the drive to venture out on his own in 2016, to create his company Coastal Wealth.  Today, he has a portfolio of companies focused on specific facets of life ranging from product driven to educational and business development needs.

What is SCORE?

SCORE of Broward County was founded in 1964 with a mission to help entrepreneurs and small business men and women start, develop, and grow companies in Broward County. With over 30 active volunteers, these mentors are experienced business owners and managers who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business owners and potential small business owners achieve success. 

How do they do it?

SCORE mentors provides in-depth, industry-specific business assistance to help evaluate a business idea or plan, stimulate business growth and ensure long-term stability. They do this through workshops, small business mentoring, special small business events and more. For more information, visit https://broward.score.org.



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Conceptualize plans

It's time to conceptualize your plans to bring it them to life. We'll discuss tactical ways to make that happen the right way.

Weigh your risks

There's always going to be risks involved with business. We'll explain how to weigh your risks and make the right decisions.

Get investors on board

Sourcing investors and properly pitching to them can be tricky waters to navigate. We'll give you advice to make it easier.

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If your goal is to scale your business, the Upreneur Podcast will help you do just that. Listen now to learn how!