Jeffrey Zucker, Co-Founder of Green Lion Partners

The Upreneur podcast has partnered up with SCORE, hosted by Jeremy Straub, to help bring engaging conversations with today’s top leaders and business owners. In today’s episode, we spoke with Jeffrey Zucker, Co-Founder of Green Lion Partners, about how the cannabis industry is growing and is in need of lawyers, accounts, and more.  We talked about how Jeffrey jumps headfirst into his entrepreneurial endeavors and figures it out.

Green Lion Partners is a Denver-based business strategy firm focused on early-stage development amongst firms in the cannabis industry. Green Lion has also developed Natural Order Supply, an agricultural supply company. Mike Bologna and Jeffrey Zucker, Co-Founders of Green Lion Partners, also co-own Dip Devices, which brings high-end, innovative products to the ever-expanding vaporizer market.

Green Lion Partners is a business strategy firm focused on providing consulting services, direct investments, and strategic partnerships to early-stage companies in the regulated cannabis industry. Their core focus is elevating the public perception of the industry while pushing it forward toward more sophisticated and socially responsible business practices. As a result of Jeffrey’s and Green Lion’s combined accomplishments in the industry, Marijuana Policy Project, the largest organization in the U.S. focused solely on ending marijuana prohibition, selected Jeffrey to serve on the Board of Directors.

Jeffrey is always open to hearing new business ideas of any kind and is happy to get involved with projects, people, and ideas in which he believes. His business decisions are determined not only based upon making a profit but also—inspired by his late father’s mission of Tikkun Olam (repair of the world)—with the goal of improving the lives of others as much as possible.
Dip Devices was founded in 2014 and launched the flagship Dipper in January 2017. Dip products are designed in Denver, CO where the company is headquartered. Dip Devices strives to be the leader in bringing premium, innovative vaporizers and accessories to the dynamic cannabis marketplace. We value quality, originality, social consciousness, and caring

Dip Devices has always had a dedication to innovation as well as philanthropy with the devices they create and with this one, 1% of all EVRI sales will be donated to drug policy reform via and

Dip Devices products colors and an additional 1% by color is donated as well:
Black: Racial Justice
Red: Blood Donation Activism
Blue: Marine Conservation
Green: Reforestation and Land Conservation
Orange: Fighting Food Insecurity




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