Chris Stenger, CEO of Very Big Things

The Upreneur podcast has partnered up with SCORE, hosted by Jeremy Straub, to help bring engaging conversations with today’s top leaders and business owners. On today’s episode, we sat down with Chris Stenger to get his insight on how he grows his businesses, the development of a new “Silicon Valley” in Florida, and what you can to do scale your business.

Chris Stegner has been an entrepreneur since he was little, from selling his art to his neighbors to creating a start up in his garage and getting featured on Tech Crunch. He believes in building something you are passionate about. 

Chris Stegner is the CEO and Founder at Very Big Things. His company is revolutionizing the south and creating opportunities for the tech industry. Companies will call him to help them with development issues and train their workforce. He was worked major companies such as Apple, Walmart, T-Mobile, Levi, and many more. 

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